Expedition Pink Ribbon

Silje Løkeng

Project leader

Silje Løkeng is a HR Wellbeing Manager and former Officer in the army. She has studied economics, organizational leadership, administration and HSE. Silje has extended experience within the field of HSE and being an advisor in work environment and HR related issues. Over the last 12 years she has held various positions in a large global company.

Silje plays many roles in her life, but the most important one, has been and are being the mother to Martin & Ida.

When Silje was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2019 her life became very challenging both physically and mentally. When she hit rock bottom at Christmas 2020 she decided to utilize the knowledge she had from a lifetime of working with preventative measurements. She knew that physical health and mental health was strongly correlated, so she challenged herself to go for a walk/hike every day for 365 days. It was on one of her skiing trips up in the mountains the dream of crossing the ice cap on Greenland started to emerge…

Liv Arnesen


Liv Arnesen is a Norwegian teacher, polar explorer, adventurer and speaker.

In 1994 Arnesen made international headlines by becoming the first woman in the world to walk alone, without support or supplies, to the South Pole. In 2001, together with Ann Bancroft, she became the first woman to cross Antarctica on skis.

When I first contacted Liv regarding the crossing of the ice cap on Greenland I was not sure she would even respond to me. Not only did she do that, but she has been kind enough to be a mentor throughout this project. She was actually the one that proposed that we should make this into a global project, so that I could share the experience with other women that had a similar life journey.

Even to this day I get starstruck every time Liv sends me a text, email, calls me or meet me in person. I am so humbled by the fact that she will share her experience with me and the team.

Cecilie Skog


Cecilie Skog is a trained nurse and has studied outdoor life at Volda University College. She has several years of experience as a mountain guide in the Sunnmøre Alps, glacier guide in Briksdalen and glacier instructor for the Norwegian Trekking Association. She became the first woman to complete seven summits, in addition to the “three poles”.  She became the second Norwegian woman to climb Mount Everest (2004) and the 10th woman in the world to reach the summit of K2 (2008). Cecilie is the sweetest most badass woman I have ever met. She wears her heart on the sleeve and is genuinely interested in the people she meets.

She has already given me valuable input to the project and will follow us on this journey along with Liv. I am so glad that she is willing to share her knowledge and experience with us.

Kjersti Buaas

Mental coach

Kjersti Buaas is a Norwegian snowboarder from Trondheim. She placed 4th in women’s half-pipe at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, United States. She received a bronze medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics in women’s half-pipe in Turin, Italy. Buaas recovered from a broken leg only a week before her bronze-winning ride. In 2007/2008 she finished World No.3 on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, and in 2009 Kjersti became the US Open Champion.

I met Kjersti when I attended her online Meditation course. We came to talk and I told her about the project. I had been so focused on the practical aspects of the project as well as getting physically fit, that I had not thought about the mental part. Kjersti pointed out something important. Mental health and physical health are strongly correlated, and she offered to help us with building mental resilience throughout the project. Now I have had several conversations with this beautiful girl, and she is the kindest most unselfish human being I have ever met.

She shares her knowledge in a way that makes everyone around her feel important and seen. And she does it with a playful spirit. I am so proud and humbled that she will be our mental coach in the months to come.

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph

Team Member and Survivor

Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph born 1st of July in 1976.
Andrea is a Danish TV and Radio host and the founder and CEO of Rudolph Care. She is married to Claus Møller Jakobsen and they have 5 beautiful children. During her pregnancy with her eldest child, Rudolph was tested in 2006 as part of a greenpeace campaign against harmful substances in everyday life. The test results showed that she was the one of the test subjects who had the most harmful chemicals in her blood, despite being the second youngest of the test subjects. It scared her and this became the starting point for her skincare line Rudolph Care. In 2009, Andrea launched the world’s first Swan Labelled and Ecocert certified beauty products, which are designed, developed and produced in Denmark in collaboration with Danish experts. Since then, the products have garnered many awards and recognition.
Andrea was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2021 and has undergone chemotherapy, surgery and radiation as a part of her treatment.
Andrea was the first member of the team that I reached out to. I learned about her through Kjersti Buaas and her first reaction when I contacted her on Instagram brought me to tears. She shared with me that it had been a long time dream of hers to cross the ice cap on Greenland. For me, it felt like our life paths where meant to cross and that this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Andrea just finished her treatment and are in remission, so we have to be very careful with not overdoing it and make sure that the next year and a half is a slow build up to the crossing.
Andrea has inspired others throughout her treatment by sharing her story on Instagram and raised millions to cancer research already.
First and foremost Andrea is a beautiful human being inside and out and I am so proud to have her on our team.

Inequ Maja Holm

Team Member and Survivor

Inequ was born 10th of March 1995, which makes her 26 today. Born and raised in Greenland.

Regardless of Inequs young age, she has been through a lot. Her upbringing was a great mix of extremely good and extremely bad experiences. She had a loving, stable, responsible, firm and supportive mother, who played a major role, in who Inequ is today. But there was also a flip side with alcohol abuse and violence involved from her fathers side. Unfortunately, Inequ lost her mother in 2010. She found her dead, shot in the heart. Murdered by a man, she had divorced. Inequ was devastated and heartbroken, but supported by a strong community and a good loving family she managed to get back on her feet. She graduated high school, had a gap year and in 2020 she decided, to move to Copenhagen and start studying to become a dentist.

Inequ grew up in a home, where sports and physical activity was an important part of life. She has tried all sorts of sports since she was a little girl and sport is still an important part of her everyday life. Inequ says that sport is like therapy for her. She has participated in the 160km cross country skiing race Arctic Circle Race, she ran a 120km mountain race between two cities, climbed Kilimanjaro and she competed in a couple of CrossFit competitions.

In November 2021 Inequ was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has gone through 4, out of 16 chemo treatments (mid January 2022). After the last chemo, she has to go through surgery and possible radiation treatment.
The chemo treatment is going well and the tumor is shrinking. She is still physically active to the extend that her body allows.

My sister shared a post with me where Silje was looking for cancer survivors for this fantastic cause. I reached out to her as fast as I could, introduced myself and not long after, I had a meeting with her.
Right from the beginning, I felt the warmhearted and awesome energy that Siljes has.
It is, as if, it was meant to be, that my sister stumbled upon the post on instagram that Silje posted.

“This project makes so much sense for me and I am honored to be a part of it.”
– Inequ

Lisa Sund

Team Member and Survivor

Lisa Sund is a process manager and a teacher. She has studied Physical Education, Pedagogy, and Project Management among other things. Over the years she has worked as a teacher at different schools, but also for the Swedish Olympic Committee and at the moment with a cooperation project between healthcare and different communities. 

Children, learning, physical activity and sports have been parts of her life for as long as she can remember. She started to engage in sports as a leader already as a 13-year-old and has continued to do so throughout life, more in some periods, less in some. Lisa then became a Physical Education teacher in the 90s and has always, so far, come back to teaching even though she has done other things in between working in schools. 

Lisa is a mother of two, Lova and Atle, and is married to Björn and lives in Katrineholm, Sweden. She found a lump in her right breast in the fall of 2019, a lump that turned out to be breast cancer. She had a mastectomy and removed the whole breast in November 2019. All cancer was removed during surgery, but the tumor was an ugly one so to prevent relapse Lisa had to undergo chemotherapy for five months, treatment with antibodies for about a year and medication for five years, which is still going on. 

During the whole treatment Lisa has used physical activity as a mean to stay as healthy as possible, both physically, but also mentally. During the whole treatment she took walks twice a day. Sometimes short, sometimes long, fast or slow, all depending on her form of the day. Lisa trains about five-six times a week, running, biking, skiing depending on time of the year, but also strength training to stay strong. 

She will be a proud ambassador for Sweden and @rosabandet.