We are so proud to have some amazing sponsors with us on this journey.
Good quality is of essence when you are operating in the climate that we are traveling to.
There is still room for more so don’t hesitate to contact us so we can set up a meeting where you can learn more about the project.
Our mission is to inspire women and men at all ages to take responsibility for their own body and health and we hope that our sponsors will join us in that effort.


I have worked in this amazing company for 13 years, and TechnipFMC has been a part of my professional journey as well as my personal journey. It is with great honor that I and the expedition pink ribbon team, will carry the TechnipFMC name with me.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to save lives.

TechnipFMC’s foundational beliefs are at the company’s core. TechnipFMC has  a social commitment to make a long-term positive impact through active engagement in health, education and local employment. TechnipFMC’s iVolunteer program enables and encourages our workforce to get involved in local initiatives. iVolunteer is promoting Expedition Pink Ribbon and encouraging employees to follow them on their journey.

  • It’s all about people.
  • It’s all about making a difference.

Expedition Pink Ribbon aims to make a difference.


The Danish company Hovmand was founded 50 years ago in a henhouse and has since climbed its way to the top, becoming the world leader in lifting solutions.

Every day Hovmand’s lifting solutions improve health and safety around the world. The high-quality lifting solutions reduce burdens and strains on the body of people working in various industries, from food and pharma to libraries and warehouses.

However, Hovmand focuses on much more. As a family-owned company with a strong tradition, the core values of respect and compassion are reflected in everything Hovmand does. The company is committed to making a positive difference in the world, and the story behind Expedition Pink Ribbon is a matter close to the CEO, Søren Hovmand’s, heart.

Therefore, Hovmand is proud to support Expedition Pink Ribbon and inspire people to take responsibility for their body and health.


I am proud to announce that Qiviut is sponsoring Expedition Pink Ribbon. Qiviut is a greenlandic brand who produces yarn and products straight from nature. Qiviuts concept is built upon the Inuit culture. They produce their product straight from nature with the mindset of using every part of the hunted animals. Due to their knowledge, material choices and personal familiarity to their suppliers you experience high quality products. 

“I’ve been a happy user of Qiviuts product for several years. I am so grateful for the support from Qiviut. Being able to wear high quality products from a greenlandic brand on such an extreme expedition makes me proud and honored” – Inequ

Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care is a Scandinavian beauty brand founded in 2009 by Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph. Andrea, a former journalist and TV-host, turned beauty-activist and businesswoman, started the company after discovering that her body was filled with harmful chemicals from beauty products during her first pregnancy. Her personal experience inspired her to develop high-quality skincare products that does not compromise on our health or the environment. Rudolph Care’s products are certified organic and marked with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel – produced in Denmark, using carefully selected ingredients from around the world.   

The brand believes that true beauty comes from taking care of our bodies and minds, and using natural, non-toxic products, that doesn’t harm us, is an important part of that. Responsibility is a core value at Rudolph Care, where they are committed to caring about their customers, products, the environment, and each other. Rudolph Care take responsibility and believe in making a great effort in everything they do. That is why the Rudolph Care saying is “Rudolph Care- Since 2009 for Generations to Come”.


We are so happy that LillSport® helps us to stay warm while crossing Greenland.

LillSport® is originally a Norwegian company from Lillehammer, but since 1984, it has been owned by the Granqvist family in Karlstad, Sweden. The company, as it exists today, was founded by Lasse Granqvist, a cross-country skier who was dissatisfied with the quality of gloves available. His vision was to create the world’s best ski gloves under the brand name LillSport®. Today, after almost 40 years, we are a well-established brand that can be seen on everyone from the everyday outdoor person to elite skiers at championships. We also produce gloves for military, police, and firefighting under the brand name Granqvists®.

All our gloves are manufactured in our own production unit in Zlotow, Poland where we have fully control over the process.


It is with great pride that the Expedition Pink Ribbon Team will carry KONGSBERG on our crossing over the Greenland Icecap.

For me, as the project manager and a Kongsberg citizen by heart, it means alot to be supported by one of the cornerstone organizations in this beautiful town.

KONGSBERG specialises in developing advanced technologies, to provide extreme performance for extreme conditions. Working together as a global team, we have created an integrated portfolio of solutions, for businesses, partners and nations operating from the depths of the sea; to outer space; to the digital frontier.


I am happy to present to you Modulo Aps as one of our sponsors. Before I got sick Modulo sponsored me in my journey to grow, experience and develop in the sports of Crossfit. I am happy that I once again can show my gratitude to modulo for supporting a project that not only involves me but millions of people. We are only 56.000 people in Greenland so getting support from home is really heartwarming. Modulo is a firm in Greenland, who raises the bar on IT services. They believe that Greenland has the potential and competencies to provide “World Class IT” services, both now and in the future. They are passionate about respectful partnerships and create value for their customers with every single delivery. They educate the next generation of IT skills and support the culture of Greenland through sponsorships.


Thanks to Aclima, Team Expedition Pink Ribbon will now be equipped with the finest wool underwear there is.
Aclima is the Nordic market leader within professional and outdoor merino wool clothing. In addition to being a favorite brand of outdoor enthusiasts, Aclima also supply wool underwear to police, rescue and military services across the world.

The company was founded in 1939 by Eivind Johansen. Eivind had a brilliant idea: To re-use the wool material from discarded conveyor belts in the cellulose factories, and make it into wool insoles. With the entrepreneur’s craftsmanship and enthusiasm,
Eivind established the company and started upcycling – long before upcycling was even a concept.

Today, Aclima owns and operates its own manufacturing site in Estonia, providing full insight and control over the supply chain.

Bergans of Norway

My first meeting with Bergans was on a hike in the mountains in northern part of Norway, sitting in a carrier on my fathers back. That equipment, that carrier,  gave me the opportunity to explore part of the nature that otherwise would be unreachable for me.

I feel that in some way we have reached full circle with Bergans being a part of my childhood, a part of my life, and also a part of my children’s life. In the same way my father carried me around, I have carried my children around so that they would have the opportunity to be out in our wonderful nature.

Without the support from Bergans with their expertise and equipment, in the same way as those mountains would have been unreachable for me as a kid without the carrier, the crossing of the ice cap on Greenland would not have been a obtainable goal. We are so proud an honored that Bergans is a part of our team. With their support, and their equipment we feel safe to embark on this adventure.

Together we will focus on the privilege it is to be able to use nature as a recreational and healing source and that no goal is to big, and no goal is to small. We can all find our own “Greenland”.

Bergans of Norway has been driven by dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts for more than 110 years. With the Norwegian wilderness as their playground and seasoned polar explorers and adventurers on the team, they create technical performance garments and high-quality outdoor equipment. Always aiming to provide you with the ultimate outdoor experience – regardless of season and activity. As genuine nature enthusiasts, Bergans strive to reduce their negative impact on the environment to ensure that the business is as sustainable as possible so that the future generations will benefit from the great outdoors.  
Visit Bergans.com to explore more.  

Kvarøy Fiskeopprett

When Kvarøy Fish Farm called me and told me that they wanted to be the main sponsor for Expedition Pink Ribbon, I burst in to tears. It means the world to me to have a sponsor who not only has a sustainable profile, but invest in their local community as well as the people working there. Helgelansdkysten will always be my home. This is where I have spent all of my summers and lived for many years. So to have local support in this project gives us an opportunity to reach out to even more people with our message. There is no doubt that I need help and support to be able to reach our goal to reduce the number of deaths related to breast cancer. And I am so grateful to have Kvarøy Fish Farm as a part of Team Expedition Pink Ribbon.

Kvarøy fish farm is a family business and has been for three generations. Our grandfather, Alf Olsen, a fish farming pioneer in northern Norway, founded the company in 1976 together with our father Geir.

We know it’s a cliché, but we’ll say it anyway: we would be nothing without our employees. In fact it’s a little strange to even call them our employees, given that they also are our neighbours and friends. This makes for a closeknit, hands-on working environment, where people know and care for each other, even outside of office hours.

There are just 70 souls on this island, and we know every single one of them. We are a close-knit community,
forged by isolation and the forces of nature. It goes without saying that we know a thing or two about the importance of co-operation, the value of doing things properly and the joy of friendship

That’s why our philosophy is all about pride, not about buzzwords like synergy, innovation and investment. Because as long as we make ourselves and our fellow islanders proud, then we know we have a great product. And if we have a great product, then people all over the world will want it. And that makes us proud too.


What is today called Akari was established in 2015 as an online magazine. The vision at the time was to assist lokal companies in communicating the great and positive stories. That basic philosophy is still there, and today Akari houses over 15 curious and skilled marketeers, designers, developers, photographers and consultants in what we refer to as the Akari family. We are hooked on everything that is positive and can create ripple effects beyond our own ability, especially commitment that benefits the community and the people.

When I first started the project I was at lost to all the details it took to not only gather a team of breast cancer survivors, but also how to communicate out to the world what we were trying to achieve. I was fortuned enough to receive help from all the beautiful and talented people that works at Akari. They have not only designed this amazing website and the Expedition Pink Ribbon Logo and branding; they have also advised and guided me on how to reach out to as many people as possible with the important message we have.

Thank you everyone at Akari for the love and support I have received over the last months. I feel safe that the project from a communication perspective will be in the best hands.


Fjellpulken was established by Egil Rustadstuen in Lillehammer, Norway in 1963. What started out as a small family project, grew through the decades into a solid brand with products ranging from small family explorations to the roughest polar expeditions. For more than 50 years our products have been used for outdoor joy by people all over the world, with quality to last for generations. Our products have been extensively used by a wide range of people from families with small children to adventurous pioneers with extreme needs to challenge themselves and explore arctic areas. Over the years, more than 100.000 pulks have been sold worldwide.

I am so grateful that Fjellpulken now is a part of our team. I have had a relationship with Fjellpulken since I was pulled by my father when I was a kid, to pulling my own children when they were young and today pulling my equipment for my small and big adventures up on the mountain.

Every time I pull up in my garage I see my Fjellpulken in front of me, hanging on the wall. Every time it brings a smile on my face, because I can’t wait to take it out on new adventures.

When I pull my sled, I feel it’s a representative of life itself. You have all this “luggage” in your life that you have to drag along, but if you just take one step forward and put one foot in front of the other, you will move forward. Sometimes the hills are steep and heavy and the weight feels hard to pull, but other times you just slide across the snow as if you have no weight behind you at all.

Go Promotion

It was by coincident that Erik Syrstad head of Go Promotion heard about the project. I was explaining it to his wife when he kindly offered to help me with promotion material. With the Expedition Pink Ribbon logo on my sweaters, T-shirts, Jacket and bottles I am quite visible when I’m working out or promoting the projects in different settings.

Thank you Go Promotion for helping me be more visible with all the quality products you have sponsored me with.


When I first started going on my skiing trips up to the mountains, I borrowed my husband’s Åsnes skis. It had been years since I pulled a sled and spent time out in nature, so initially I did not want to spend too much money on it before I knew if I liked it.  I was fortune enough to be able to buy my own pair of Åsnes Ski after a while.

I still remember when they arrived. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve, receiving this brand New Åsnes, Liv Arnesen skis. I could not wait to test them out. Now they have been with me on skiing trips many times, and every time I feel tired or discourage, I just look down and see Liv Arnesen smile at me, and I get the encouragement I need to continue.

The fact that Åsnes now has chosen to support the team means a lot to me. With the support of Åsnes we will have the necessary equipment that we all know, have been tested in harsh environment and fit our purpose.

Welcome to the team Åsnes!

Real Turmat

Where it all begun.
“How on earth could I preserve her lovely stew?”, family father Rolf Hansen thought, looking at his wife Lill from a distance.
She was standing in the doorway with a big bowl of tasty homemade stew and he could smell her superb cooking from across the driveway. Wouldn’t that be something, he thought. To preserve her brilliant dishes and making them easy to bring along. Just by adding hot water. Being an expert in the field of freezedrying technology, Rolf Hansen knew that gentle freeze drying was an art yet to be mastered. But his passion for both homemade cooking and outdoor life lit a spark. The chunks of meat did not only have to taste freshly cooked. It had to feel the same. The vegetables had to have the same chewing resistance as she so perfectly prepared them. And most of all, there was no way he was going to let a grain of flavour disappear from its arctic origin. In 1989, in the doorway of their very home, the business idea of Drytech was born. From that afternoon on, their garage smelled like a kitchen as Rolf Hansen reinvented the science of freeze drying technology. Today his passion for homemade cooking and outdoor life is shared by millions every year.

Our products reach new ground every day.
We offer a varied range of lightweight meals for any occasion.

We are in it for the long journey. What started as a tasty, great home made stew, preserved with world class freezedrying technology almost 30 years ago, has grown and reached new grounds. We want to go further and we want you to go further. That is why we now offer you a wide range of field catering products; from breakfast to lunch to dinner. And that extra bite of boost to get you all the way, wherever your mind is set to go. You are not alone. Our meals are helping men and women all over the world to master new achievements every day. Either it’s groups of mountain expeditions, lonesome polar travellers, soldiers in armed forces, triathlon competitors, doctors in refugee camps or families just heading for their weekend cottage. Thousands of unique stories unfolding every day, powered by some of the richest natural resources our soil and sea have to offer. It’s a long journey. We are to be counted on, in every step. Proud to be a part of your mission, and humble to be a part of your goal.

The first time I got familiar with Drytech was during my military training. I remember the feeling of pouring hot water into delicious dinners that tasted so good after a hard day of training. Or when we woke up in the mornings still sitting in our sleeping bag, waiting for the water to boil so we could heat the oatmeal that tasted like heaven and gave me enough energy to last for hours.

After I left the military I have continued to use Drytech when I am out for long hikes or skiing trips.

It is both easy and it tastes really good.

To have Drytech with us as a sponsor means a lot. Good quality food with lots of energy is essential to endure the long days on the icecap. In addition we have some dietary restriction in the team, and Drytech can accommodate these needs without compromising taste and quality.

Welcome to Team Expedition Pink Ribbon!
To read more about Drytech, click here.


I am so proud and honored that Alfa will a part of our journey. I have worn Alfa shoes ever since I started hiking in the mountains as a kid.  My last pair have lasted over 15 years and have still some miles to go. When I started on my winter adventures up in the Norwegian wilderness I borrowed my husband’s Alfa ski boots before I invested in my own. When it is -20 degrees Celsius outside it is important to be warm and comfortable on your feet. Now that the entire team will be wearing Alfa, I know that they will all be warm and comfortable when crossing the icecap on Greenland.

The Alfa Brand:

Expeditions are important to all of us, whether it involves ascending a peak, crossing Antarctica or just pushing our own limits a bit further. Whether an everyday hike or an extreme expedition, you depend on capable gear. In collaboration with the world’s leading suppliers of material and technology, Alfa’s aim is to offer you a better outdoor experience.

Alfa’s history is long and proud, but we have our eyes on the future. As of lately, the company, brand and product design has gone through a heavy revitalizing process. We believe the market for shoes with unmatched comfort has potential beyond the Nordic borders, therefore, prepare for Alfa to tread stronger in to the international market place.