Bisa Myles

Team Member and Survivor

Bisa Myles was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Bisa worked as a tax accountant for over 25 years in various industries. She raised her three cousins who are now in their early twenties in Northwest Indiana where she still resides with her Pomeranian, Jack.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Bisa started a travel blog named Myles to Travel; her mission was to inspire people to travel and not wait for a life-changing diagnosis to pursue their travel dreams.

During recovery discovered hiking and incorporates that with her travels. She hikes throughout the Chicagoland area a couple of times a month when she is not hiking trails internationally.

Bisa is also an advocate for the Tigerlily Foundation who mission to educate and fight to eliminate racial disparities for women of color diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 50.

“I reached out to Silje after seeing a post on Wildfire Instagram that she was looking for a Badass American breast cancer survivor to participate in the expedition across Greenland. After talking to Silje and endless searches about this trek, I knew I wanted to be a part of the project.”

– Bisa

When I had my first meeting with Bisa I was taken away by her mental strength, her way of living life to the fullest and seizing the opportunities that comes her way. We have all a lot to learn from her.

Bisa had her first winter training here in Norway April 2022 and was supposed to cross the Ice cap with the rest of the team. Unfortunately we had to make adjustments due to safety reasons, but Bisa is still a part of the team! I think most people can relate to the fact that not all plans goes accordingly. That’s just life! The most important message is that if the plan fails, you make adjustments and set new goals. Bisa will now be head of the Expedition Pink Ribbon Ambassadors. She will inspire and engage with her hiking trips across the world.

An Expedition Pink Ribbon Ambassador is one that wants to inspire others to take care of their physical health as well as their mental health. No goal is too small. Remember. When Silje, the project manager started healing after Breast cancer, her first goal was to reach the mail box.